Init7 is a Swiss provider of broadband Internet, TV, data centre and engineering services with registered office in Winterthur, Switzerland. We operate an international IP Backbone with the AS number 13030.

Init7 is synonymous with independence, transparency, fairness and netneutrality. We aim to support the internet and open source community by providing the mirror.init7.net service. Our FTTH product Fiber7 was shaping the broadband market in Switzerland since 2014 and is available in most cities. Elsewhere we offer competitive DSL services branded as Copper7.


The physical server of mirror.init7.net is located at Winterthur, connected to our backbone with 20 GBit/s and is supporting IPv4 and IPv6 over HTTP, HTTPS and Rsync (no FTP). We synchronize these packages multiple times a day.

In case your resolver is broken, you may memorize the ip adresses of mirror.init7.net:

Server mirror.init7.net